Dayton Trip – Food Plan

Hello everyone,

Since this is a small group I am going low tech for the Dayton food sign up this year.  Hopefully you all received an itinerary from your daughter Monday that spells out the meals for the week. However, there have been a couple small revisions (noted in blue) so I am including a summary below to help you plan.  This is based partially on the desire to keep cooler space to a minimum and based on what the girls have chosen to do in the past. I promise we will make sure no one goes hungry.

Below is a suggested list of items we could use for breakfasts, snacks, and late night hotel snacks for the girls to grab throughout the trip. Please email the items with the number you would like to donate. I will send out updates as we go and a final tally next Monday. If you would rather have me do the shopping (some of you mentioned this), you can put your name next to something and send a grocery card of equal value with your daughter to practice Thursday, March 31st and I will take care of it.

I’m not listing any sugary items because I’m certain they will make their way into the mix of food that shows up. If you want to donate cookies or something like that please feel free to list it at the bottom of the list, they will not go to waste.

Please send in your donations to practice by Tuesday, April 5th or when you drop off your daughter for the bus Wednesday morning April 6th. 


Bag of small apples (3) – 

Bag of cuties (3)-

Bag of grapes (3) –

Bananas (~2 dozen) –

24 pack water bottles (5) –

Bagels (3 dozen) –

Tub of plain or flavored cream cheese (3) –

Muffins (3 dozen or mini packs) –

8 ct Granola bars or fruit & nut packs (5) –

Boxes of fruit snacks (4) –Dienstbier 4

Multi-pack chips, pretzels, gold fish or other salty snack (5)

6 ct juice boxes or Capri Sun (4) –

If you think of anything else you would like to bring/add just list it here.

(see summary below)

Wednesday April 6th

Breakfast – on the road/donations

Lunch on the road – sack lunch packed from home (put their name on it if it needs to be put in a cooler)

or money for stops along the way.

Dinner – provided

Thursday April 7th

Breakfast – at hotel (they will have hot and cold choices each day)

Lunch – provided

Dinner – on their own at the Convention Center


Friday April 8th

Breakfast – at hotel

Lunch – on their own at the venue

Dinner – provided


Saturday April 9th

Breakfast – at hotel

Lunch – on own at the Outlet Mall/Traders Market

Dinner – on own at venue concessions


Sunday April 10th

Breakfast – on the road/donations

The cost of meals at the venues varies and I can’t remember exactly what individual items cost but I would plan $5-$10 per item (nachos, sandwiches, etc., similar to the Century Link Center here).  Talk it over with your daughter but I would think $55 should cover it for 2-3 lunches and 2 dinners since we are providing snacks.  Other optional costs would include rest stops, hotel vending machines, shopping at the Outlet Mall and Traders Market on Saturday, and shopping at the big WGI tent at the Convention Center before the final World Championship performance on Saturday night.  The big tent has everything from a few give-aways, to guard equipment, souvenirs, apparel and jewelry. If you want a preview of the merchandise you can go on the WGI website under “World Championships” or “shop”.

Thank you to all of you, the parents, for making this opportunity possible for the girls!  It is truly and awesome experience to see the talent that is put into this art from all over the world.

A big thank you also to the boosters this year for helping to provide meals for the girls while they are there!!

Thank you!

Heather Dienstbier

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