WGI Regional, Blue Valley West High School


EVENT: WGI Regional. Blue Valley West High School
GROUP: Burke Winter Guard
DATE: Saturday, February 13, 2016
LOCATION: Blue Valley West High School, 16200 Antioch Rd. Stilwell, KS 66085

EMERGENCY CONTACTS: Mr. Spath 402-981-9504 (Cell), Miss Sitko 224-256-980 (Cell)

 – Arrive at Burke
4:45AM – Load Buses.
9:00AM – Arrive Blue Valley West High School
12:53PM – Burke Winter Guard Performance
9:00PM– Load Bus and depart for Burke Pending Finals Placement. Should we not make finals we will depart at 5pm.
12:15AM – Arrive at Burke.

DRESS: Winter Guard – Miss Sitko will review all required material

Thank you for all the hard work students and parents have put in so far. We are very proud of the students and hope you enjoy their performance!

Mr. Spath, Miss Sitko




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