Welcome to the 2015 Marching Band Season!

Hi Burke Boosters! I’d like to welcome you to the 2015 Marching Band Season! Our three Drum Majors (Justis, Aaron and Emily) recently returned from Rockford, IL attending Drum Major Camp. Conditioning has started as well as rehearsals and sectionals. The marching band is already hard at work preparing for the upcoming season and we want to take this opportunity to share some information with you.

  • Please check the Omaha Burke Band website for updates and click the 2015-2016 calendar to find important schedule information.
  • The students were given information last week about items that they will be required to have or purchase for the upcoming school year (uniform order forms and meal fund information) as well as an order form for extra show t-shirts.
  • The students are required to have band shoes. They cost of band shoes is $45. If your child has marched before and still has their shoes – they can use those and do not need to order new ones. Also, there are some (limited) used shoes donated by previous students that will be available for purchase for $10.
  • Show t-shirts are also required as part of the student’s uniform. They are $17. You may also purchase extra (good to have an extra for those weekends when there is a Friday night football game followed by a Saturday competition). Parents and family members can also purchase t-shirts to wear.
  • Meal Fund – In an effort to make the year’s band experience as easy and uncomplicated as possible, there is a one-time charge to cover all the competition meals and water for the season. The cost is $30 per student. The students usually put in a very long day on competition days and will need lunch (and/or dinner) and plenty of water! The meal fund covers the expenses of providing the meals and water.
  • Band Camp – Please be sure to mark your calendars for Band Camp if you haven’t already! The dates are July 20-24 and July 27-31! Band camp is scheduled 8 am-noon AND 5-9 pm each day. Students often help each other with rides if at all possible so please check with your student or the band directors if necessary.
  • Parent Meeting – a Parent Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 23rd, at 7 pm in the school cafeteria. We will be coordinating volunteers for all the activities associated with marching band season and will share information about what to expect during the season.

We will an opportunity at the end of band camp to see what the students and staff have been hard at work on with a special performance on the football field as well as a pizza available in the cafeteria. The students will bring home a form during band camp for pizza orders.


Deb Murray
Band Booster President

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