Next Booster Meeting – April 16

Special thanks to everyone who helped out last weekend on our 1st Annual Jazz Festival. Things ran very smoothly considering it was our first try, and the club made some extra money (this event was not on the budget as revenue). This was our last official fundraiser of the year! We do still have some very important events and competitions coming up, but regarding our fundraising efforts this year I just want to say THANK YOU… JOB WELL DONE.

Make sure that you have April 16th down on your calendar as our next Booster Club meeting. This will be when we elect new officers and transition things to the new leadership. Also, please consider heading up a committee or perhaps co-chair something. Every event we do is important for the success of our children and the club. Any contribution of time and talent makes this challenge easier.

Once again, thanks to everyone that stepped in last Friday, and to the people that did the preliminary work leading up to the competition… It was a good first attempt.

Mark your calendars… April 16th @ 7:00 pm…

Mark Hobson,
Burke Band Booster Club

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