Band Boutique Volunteers

First let me personally thank all of you for your efforts this fall season. I know the Burke administration considers the Band booster organization as one of their more active and reliable groups… that is all because of you. Next weekend we have our largest $$$ fundraiser of the year. We need your help to pull it off. Serenna Russell graciously agreed to come back and assist as we transition this project over to Anne Chambers (which I know has been a big help for Anne). We have things organized and the vendors lined up… now we need the helpers for next Saturday. This is a large undertaking we need a large number of helpers. If we have that… the event goes very smoothly. Please click on the sign up Genius and get on board:

Something to consider…
We have added two fundraisers in the spring that were not on the budget (HWAA and the Jazz festival). If we can knock the Boutique numbers out of the park perhaps these spring fundraisers can be allocated towards the trailer (or some other special project) since we don’t need them for the budget.

Mark Hobson,
Burke High School Marching Band Booster Club

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