Northwest Jazz Master Class


EVENT: Northwest High School Jazz Performance

GROUP: Jazz Band I & II

DATE: Friday, November 7, 2014

LOCATION: Northwest High School

7:45 AM – Jazz Ensemble I arrive in band room, get your instruments and board bus.
8:00 AM – Jazz Ensemble I departs for Northwest.
8:30 AM – Jazz Ensemble II arrive in the band room.
9:00 AM – Jazz Ensemble II departs for Northwest.
10:00 AM –Jazz Ensemble I performs.
10:00 AM – Clinic and Master class begins.
12:00 PM – Depart Northwest for Burke
12:30 PM – Arrive at Burke

EQUIPMENT: Jazz Ensemble I, Music, Instrument, Music, Stools Amps, Power Chords.
DRESS: Jazz Ensemble I: Gentlemen, Black dress slacks, Black shirt with tasteful tie. Ladies, Solid black outfit.
Jazz Ensemble II: Dress casual but look nice. No T-shirts or jeans.

• Students are expected to pay attention during the Performance, Clinic and Master class.
• Students are expected to stay together as a group.

-Mr. Wright, Mr. Spath, & the Burke High School Band Staff

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