Water & Snacks for Performances

This Saturday (Sept. 27th) is the next competition and we would like to have snacks for the kids like in years past. Sounds like it could be another very long day for the kiddos and snacks would be nice to help keep their energy levels up.

Please consider sending some kind of snack…Little Debbie’s, Hostess, Rice Krispy Bars, popcorn, puppy chow… anything. The only thing we ask is that the snacks are individually packaged so the kids can “grab and go”.

Just send them with the kids to practice on Tuesday or Thursday evenings and I will go to the band room and pick them up from there.

Also just another reminder… please check the Water Donation Schedule. If your childs sections is due to donate their cases of water (or scheduled turn has already passed) please also get that to the band room and Lynn Craig will pick that up. We are out of bottled water and need it for the remaining events. Lynn Craig will be at the loading dock at Burke Tuesday evening at 5:30 to collect cases of water.

Thank you SO much for your support!!

Beth Hogberg
Boosters Vice President

P.S. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me: mbhogberg@centurylink.net

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