This Week…

We have now completed the scaffold and screens…Thanks to everyone who worked on putting this together. Mr. Wright has requested the band practice with the screens (8 not 16) on Tuesday and Thursday so they can adjust the program for sound quality. If anyone is available to help us on Tuesday and Thursday (Friday for the Home game) it would make the process SO much easier. We are planning to meet at the track around 5:30 (or as soon as you can get there) and we will need help after practice taking them down.

The screens are not too difficult to put on or take off if we have plenty of people. After they practice with the screens we will have to take them down and put them away (they can’t stay out in the elements). This would also be a great time to get familiar with the setup because we will need PLENTY of help come competition day.

Friday is another Home Game for the Bulldogs. After the band performs at halftime we will start taking the scaffolding down in preparation for the next day’s competition. This is again isn’t a difficult proposition but is does require some people to manipulate the pieces of the scaffold.

Our first competition is this Saturday at Millard South. We will be picking up the Ryder Trucks first thing on Saturday morning and we need help loading the trucks. It is always a challenge the first time we load the trucks and the extra help is always beneficial.

Finally…Don’t forget our next Booster club meeting is this Thursday @ 7:00pm in the cafeteria.

Again, I want to thank all the people who have stepped up in so many ways to get this Marching season off to a great start.

See you on Thursday.

Mark Hobson
Burke High School Marching Band Booster Club

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