Band Booster Meeting Notice – July 21 and July 23

We are fast approaching the start of marching season and we need to make some plans to ensure it is a success. We will be having two club meetings next week to go over upcoming events and to update you on the progress of our trailer project.

The first meeting will be for new parents coming in to the program. We did this last year and it was a big success. If you were one of those parents last year you can understand how the whole process can seem daunting and a bit overwhelming. That is why we will have a separate meeting for the Prep band parents on Monday, July 21 @ 7:30 pm (please note it will start 30 minutes later than our normal 7:00 pm time). If you know of any parents that would benefit from this meeting please pass this information along to them. Our parent support from the 9th and 10th grade parents was outstanding last year… hopefully we can get the same results this year.

The Varsity Band meeting will be on Wednesday, July 23 @ 7:30 pm as well. Both meeting will be held in the cafeteria. There are still a number of key volunteer positions that need people which will be one of the key areas of this meeting. Another area we will cover is the budget for the club this next season, so if you have some ideas how we should be spending the club’s money or how we can raise more funds to support the program… please make it a point to attend on Wednesday the 23rd.

It should be another exciting season for the Burke High School Marching Band, but we need your support and input.

Hope to see you at the meeting,

Mark Hobson
Burke High School Marching Band Booster Club

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