Booster Meeting

Good Morning Boosters,

I hope your summer is going well (I know it is going too fast). Band season is just around the corner and it’s time to start putting things in place for a successful Marching season. One of the areas we want to address immediately is our transportation. Last year we rented two Ryder trucks for each competition. This is a good thing (our band is growing), so we are looking at an alternative that will give us the room we need but save the club money down the road. We are proposing purchasing a new larger trailer which will eliminate the need for a second Ryder Truck and eliminate the POD storage expense. To do this we need the approval of the club so we are having a meeting on July 10th @ 7:00pm in the school cafeteria to discuss this option. We will have the costs identified and the potential savings as well. Another reason to be sure to join us is that Mr. Spath will put on a short clinic about how the competitions are judged. I know I have had questions in the past why one band scored better than another. Mr. Spath will give us some insight into the judging process which should help us understand the scoring better. These are the only two items on the agenda so the meeting shouldn’t take too long.

Hope you can join us on Thursday the 10th.


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