Northeast Jazz Festival

EVENT:  Northeast Jazz Festival
GROUP:  Ensemble, Jazz Band II, Jazz Band I
DATE:   Tuesday, March 25, 2014
LOCATION:  Northeast Community College Cox Activities Center, Norfolk, NE

2:00 PM – Meet in the vocal or band room, get instruments and load busses
2:30 PM – Busses leaves Burke
4:30 PM – Arrive at Northeast, unload, set up equipment, Jazz Bands change into performance outfits, and take photos if time, Ensemble goes to dinner (TBA)
5:20 PM – Jazz Band II warm-up
5:45 PM – Jazz Band II performs in room 105, Jazz Band I watches
6:00 PM – Jazz Band I and II go to dinner (TBA), Ensemble changes and warms up
7:15 PM – Ensemble performance in Theater (room 137)
7:40 PM – Jazz Band I warms up, Ensemble changes
8:15 PM – Jazz I performs in room 105
8:40 PM – Jazz Bands change
9:05 PM – Jazz Band awards in gym
9:20 PM – Show Choir awards in gym
9:45 PM – Load busses and leave Northeast
11:45 PM – Arrive at Burke, unload

NOTE:  Students will watch other high school ensembles when there is time on the above itinerary

EQUIPMENT:  Instrument, music, mutes

DRESS:  Performance outfits (students should bring their Ensemble/Jazz Band outfit and wear school clothes to school)

LUNCH:  Students need to bring $5-$10 for their dinner or bring a sack dinner

Thank you,
Mr. Helzer, Ms. Sedlacek, Mr. Spath, and Mr. Edwards

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