Westside Jazz Festival

EVENT:  Westside Jazz Festival
GROUP:   Jazz Band I
DATE:   Tuesday, January 28, 2014
LOCATION:  Westside High School, 87th and PacificTIMES:

9:12 AM – Meet in the vocal or band room, get instruments and load busses
9:30 AM – Bus leaves Burke
9:45 AM – Arrive at Westside
10:10 AM – Warm-up
10:50 AM – Performance, clinic in room 183
11:30 AM – Pack up quickly, load bus and leave Westside
11:45 AM – Arrive at Burke, unload

EQUIPMENT:  Instrument, music, mutes

DRESS:  Performance outfits (students should wear them to school, but may bring a change of clothes to change into during lunch)

LUNCH:  Students will eat 3rd lunch if you normally have 1st or 3rd lunch and 4th lunch if you normally have 2nd or 4th lunch.

Thank you,

Mr. Edwards

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