It’s Marching Band Season!

Hello Boosters,

Summer is flying by and before we know it Band Camp will be under way and another competition season will be upon us. I want to reiterate that all our past success as a club has resulted from the wonderful cooperation and dedication of you….the club members. As we get ready to start another season there are some key dates and areas that we need to cover…

Key Dates:

  • July 29th– Prep Band Parents booster meeting…Band Camp begins 
  • July 31st– Varsity Band Parents booster meeting
  • August 10th– Band Camp Exhibition (Pizza Night- T-shirt orders due)
  • August 24th– Burke March-a-Thon

Key Areas:

Band trailer: Last year Bob Novotny took care of hauling our band trailer to all the events.  This was no simple task. It requires a ¾ ton truck with the right electrical trailer set up to accommodate electrical brakes. We are exploring other options for transportation but if there is someone that has this kind of truck and would be willing to commit to all the competitions (we have two out of state competitions this year), then we may consider keeping our current transportation setup.

Chairs Committee: The last couple years we have been fortunate to have consistent chairpersons handling many of the areas from uniforms, websites/communications, Fall Boutique, and the list goes on. For many of these chairs this will be their last year since their band members are Seniors in 2013. If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, coming on board this year will allow you to learn from the current person heading up that area, and make for an easy smooth transition next year. We also have some areas that do not have someone heading up the operation and could use immediate assistance. Please consider stepping in where you can, and where you feel comfortable. We will have sign up sheets for these committees at our July 29th and 31st booster meetings. The people that have been carrying the load the last couple years have done a tremendous job of moving their perspective areas forward…it would be nice if we can continue this in the future, but we need your help.

Here is the committee sign up form. 2013 Burke Band Boosters Committee Sign Up Form


Mark Hobson
Burke Band Booster Club

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