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Congratulations to the Burke jazz bands for their performances at the Bellevue East Jazz Festival on March 9th. Jazz Band II played for comments only, did a nice job, and Michael Militzer (alto sax) earned an “Outstanding Soloist” award. Jazz Band I earned a “Superior” rating, placed 2nd behind Sioux City North, and David Hawkins (drums), John Evans (drums), Cole Denne (trumpet), Jon Novotny (tenor sax), Naomi Zipursky (clarinet!), and Aaron Zipursky (soprano, alto, and tenor sax) earned  “Outstanding Soloist” awards. Aaron was named the overall “Outstanding Saxophone Soloist” at the festival.

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to participate in the February 7th – 9th All-City Music Festival:

2013 All-City High School Band Members

Seger, Natalie – Burke
Rheiner, Alana – Burke
Rivera, Jennifer – Burke
Cook, Angie – Burke
Ryschon, Anne – Burke
Curet, Mariah – Burke
Quebedeaux, Abigail – Burke

Van Grinsven, Keela – Burke (1st chair)
Purdy, Ned – Burke

1st Clarinet
Rathman, Rachel – Burke (1st chair)
Mommsen,Kelli – Burke

3rd Clarinet
Simandl, Tricia – Burke

Alto Saxophone
McClellon, George – Burke (1st chair)
Zandt, Aaron – Burke
Militzer, Michael – Burke

Baritone Sax
Frahm, Dalton – Burke (1st chair)

Trumpet 1
Denne, Cole – Burke
Foster, Mackenzie – Burke
Hobson, Sarah – Burke

Trumpet 2
Ahl, Madi – Burke
Shonsey, Myles – Burke
Thurber, Nick – Burke

French Horn
Filipcic, Anna – Burke (1st chair)

Cook, Rob – Burke (1st chair)
Loehr, Mark – Burke
Warner, Jacob – Burke

Percussion – Batter & Timpani
Hawkins, David – Burke (1st chair)
Kawamoto, Jake – Burke
Klopp, Mike – Burke
Evans, John – Burke

Percussion – Mallets
Irvin, Scott – Burke (1st chair)

2013 All-City High School Orchestra Members

1st Violin
Harrison, Henry – Burke (1st chair)
Johnson, Rae – Burke
Nguyen, An – Burke

2nd Violin
Shonsey, Michael – Burke (1st chair)
Perry, Paige – Burke
Anderson, Alicia – Burke

Craig, Travis – Burke
Beck, Jessica – Burke

Tiemann, Jason – Burke
Martinez, Adriane – Burke

Congratulations to the following students who participated in the February 16th Elkhorn Band Olympics:

Ryschon, Anne – Flute Solo “Superior” rating
Holmes, Brooke – Clarinet Solo “Superior” rating, second place silver medalist
Holmes, Brooke  and Tricia Simandl- Clarinet Duet “Superior” rating, first place gold medalists
Zandt, Aaron – Alto Saxophone  Solo “Superior” rating, second place silver medalist
Hobson, Sarah – Trumpet Solo “Superior” rating
Quebedeaux, Abigail, Van Grinsven, Keela, Starks, Justis – Woodwind Trio “Excellent” rating
Anderson, Erik – Trumpet Solo “Superior” rating

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