Augustana Symphonic Band Concert

We have a special opportunity.  Augustana College in Rock Island, IL is touring for their Spring Break.  One of the band members, George McCollum is a former Burke Band member.  George’s mother is Loretta McCollum, a former Booster President.  George, Loretta, and the Augustana Band are looking for our help!  

They are making a stop in Omaha and performing at Burke High on Wednesday, February 20th, at 8:00. They are looking for housing for the students after the concert. You will take the students home, give them a place to sleep, feed them breakfast, and drop them off at school in the morning. If you can take at least two students for the night, please contact Loretta McCullum (  Since some of the students have allergies or other requirements she can coordinate all of this. They are not looking for anything special, a sleeping bag, air mattress, couch or a bed. And breakfast doesn’t need to be fancy either.

Not only will you be helping out, but this is a unique opportunity for you and your Burke student to share.

Please, please give this some consideration. They may need about 20 families. Let’s help make this a great experience for Augustana and show them Burke Band Boosters are fantastic.  Feel free to contact Loretta with any questions.  She is excited and anxious to find a spot for everyone.

You can link to the Augustana band website here:

Download the Omaha event flyer here:

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