8th Grade Open House

EVENT: 8th Grade Open House
GROUP: Jazz Band I/Jazz Combo
DATE: Tuesday, January 8, 2013

5:15 PM – Meet in band room, warm-up, and tune
5:45 PM – Jazz Band I performs in south cafeteria
6:15 PM – Jazz Band I students will be ready to leave
6:20 PM – Jazz Combo performs in south cafeteria
6:35 PM – Jazz Combo students will be ready to leave

EQUIPMENT: Instrument, music
DRESS: Jazz Band uniform

Thank you for making arrangements that enable your child to represent the Burke instrumental music program at this event! We are confident that they will do an outstanding job.

The next event for Jazz Band I will be the UNO Great Plains Jazz Festival on Friday, February 22nd (time TBA). This year, instead of attending the Westside High School Jazz Clinic on Tuesday, January 29th we plan to attend the Northeast Community College Jazz Festival in Norfolk, NE with the Ensemble on Tuesday, March 26th.

Mr. Edwards and Mr.Spath

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