Pep Band – District Football Game

EVENT: Home District football game
GROUP: Varsity Band and Prep Band
DATE: Friday, October 26, 2012
LOCATION: Burke Stadium


6:15 PM – Report to band room to get instrument and pep band music
6:35 PM – Arrive together in stadium
7:00 PM – Game begins, provide pep band music, play pep band music at halftime

Students may visit concessions/restrooms once each half.

All students should sit with the band until we play the school song after the game ends.

ADMISSION: Admission will be paid in advance, but we all must enter the stadium together and if a student is late he/she will have to pay admission.

EQUIPMENT: Instrument, pep band music in flip folder

DRESS: Varsity Band show t-shirt and jeans

Be sure to wear coats, jackets, etc. which are appropriate for the weather!


• No non-band members may sit with the band and band students will sit in their
assigned sections at all times. Students may visit concessions/restrooms once each half.

• Students are expected to stay until the game is over (attendance will be taken)

• All students should be ready to stand and perform every pep band song the drum

majors call up during the game

• Report at 6:15 PM regardless of weather conditions. In the case of inclement
weather a game time performance decision will be made by the directors

-Mr. Edwards, Mr. Spath, & the BurkeHigh School Band Staff

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