NSBA Marching Band Festival

EVENT:  NSBA Marching Band Festival (“State”)
GROUP:  Varsity Band and Prep Band
DATE:   Saturday, October 20, 2012
LOCATION:  Buell Stadium at MILLARD SOUTH High School (14905 Q St.)

2012 Burke Band NSBA State Ad


3:30 PM        -Meet in band room, change into bibbers and shoes
4:15 PM        -Run show in the stadium. (bring cases and uniform bags)
5:30 PM        -End rehearsal, eat boxed dinner, get dressed
6:10 PM        -Depart stadium
6:30 PM        -Arrive at Millard South, unload, line up, warm-up
8:15 PM        -Perform in Buell Stadium.  Admission: Adults $8, Students $5.

Directors will be given a packet that will contain wristbands when they arrive at Millard South High School.  Parents helping with the front-line equipment will be allowed to enter with the band (field level) without wearing a wristband.  Upon completion of the band’s performance all band students and parents (field level) will exit the stadium.  Anyone entering the stadium as a spectator will need to either purchase a ticket or be wearing one of the designated wristbands.

8:30 PM       -Watch other bands (we will be sitting together in the stands)
9:30 PM       -Class AA Awards
9:45 PM       -Return to buses and pack up,
10:15 PM      -Depart Millard South
10:35 PM      -Arrive at Burke, turn in uniforms
11:00 PM      -Students should be ready to go home

EQUIPMENT:  Instrument

DRESS: Band uniform or Color Guard uniform, 2012 show t-shirt (Prep Band gray shirt), black socks, band shoes.


  • No food or drink in uniforms. Booster parents will provide bottled water after the performance. Students are to remain in full uniform when in public.
  • Report at 3:30 PM regardless of weather conditions.
  • Please be sure your child has their inhaler/epipen with them on Saturday.
  • Next week we will have our photos and indoor concert on Tuesday, October 23rd after school with the photos starting at 5:00 PM and the indoor concert starting at 7:00 PM.
  • The students are still working very hard, and continuing to improve. We have had wonderful parent/family help this year! Everyone did a fine job all season and with our outstanding students and parents/families we will have a great state marching festival on Saturday!

Thank you from the directors and staff!

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